37 Studios - Exceptional Collections - Ashley Westall

Our Story

37 Studios is a Jewellery Agency working throughout the UK.

With 20 plus year of experience in brand development we are all about creating a go to market plan which delivers sustainable growth for the brands we are working with.

With a background in branded fashion itís clear that jewellery is the new denim. Jewellery is the ultimate way in which we personalise our look, making a statement about ourselves.

The brands and retailers we work with expect that we will introduce the right product to the right retailer and so we work across multiple retail channels, Department Stores, Independent Jewellers and Gift Stores.

You might decide to work with 37 Studios because you need support in any one of the following areas:

  • Brand Building Consultancy
  • UK Market Knowledge
  • Distribution Mapping
  • Access to buyers
  • Sales

Ashley Westall
Founder, 37 Studios

37 Studios - Exceptional Collections - Ashley Westall

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